Music Profiling – A new way to meet your match?

Music Profiling

What is music for you? Music is different for each and everyone, It could be a powerful motivator for you to do things, for some it is an inspiration, others to uplift themselves out of a rut, and yet again for another person, it could offer comfort in times of suffering.

Obviously, music is a powerful tool to elicit emotion from its listeners. Did you ever notice that when you hear a favorite music being played loudly and another person proclaims that it is also their favorite you instantly like this person? For some people, music is the only thing they can relate to and be relatable as well. They use their taste in music to proclaim who they are and what they are going through. Now have you ever heard tinder? Who hasn’t right? What if – there is a tinder for music lovers, whereas a social media platform, people are driven to like people with similar tastes and profiles are actually playlists and the posts are actually the songs you listen to.

tinder for music lovers

Music Psychology

In the social media-driven existence of the generations of today, branding yourself can be a show of interests and music takes center stage, right up there along with profile videos and profile pictures. More and more platforms are actually incorporating music into the way a person displays their profile. There are a number of apps out there that are similar to Tinder but with the exception of having music as the primary profiler. Speaking of Tinder, it actually had a partnership with Spotify, a music streaming app that also has social media roots deep in its system. What this has done is that now Tinder profiles will have the ability to add songs in their profiles – adding other criteria for people to choose from. Some would say that it complicates things but for some it’s the ONLY thing that they care about. It’s like, hey! this person likes Enter Sandman too! how cool is that I’m gonna follow him/her. Music is a great way to gauge on some level what a person is like. As a teenager, I have had so many crushes just because they are metalheads like me. THAT is actually what is being capitalized on by these apps and it is working! Music can drive powerful emotions in people and social media just found a way to use that. Before you have to actually know a person before you can even talk about your favorite music. Now, you just have to follow them.