A day in the life of an entrepreneur

life of an entrepreneur

There is a public relation professional namely ronn torossian and he is popularly named as an American PR expert in the marketing field. He is in short named as a best entrepreneur, a well known author and his writings about PR rules and success, a contributor and mostly he was interviewed by top leading channels like CNBC. He is also awarded as a PR professional executive by American business awards. He has his own PR firm namely 5WPR which stood 35th position in rankings in all over New York City PR companies.

New York City PR companies

Let’s have a bright look on one of his daily activity happened earlier which was clearly stated by this entrepreneur ronn torossian only:

As we know that he is an efficient PR professional and lives a disciplined life only. His daily activities usually start at 5’o clock in the morning. One day, similarly he started the day like as normal only at 5’oclock. He made a workout, breakfast and had made his way to office. There is a client from mobile tech symposium who organized a meeting at city university of New York. Its meeting motive is engaging all the students to participate in a discussion about usage of mobile phones and its radiation effects to students of the university. So after discussions, client ends up discussion over there and had a lunch. Finally he get back to his firm 5WPR and had an overview upon the meeting and all etc. then he came back to home, dinner and cope up with messages about missed daily activities and all. When working on PR firms is not like 9 to 5 job timings. If you want to be successful entrepreneur and desired to your work; you have to love your job and work restlessly to attain a success in your business firms. This is the only success secret formula of this popular entrepreneur.


Hence an entrepreneur or any kind of business people especially concentrate on their firm growth and development. They love to work hard and keep on working on it along with their engaged co curricular activities with clients accordingly.