How to trade on Bitmex?

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Bitmex is a trading website like forex. It allows users to trade on its platform and invest in various assets. The specialty of Bitmex trading is Leverage trading. This has allowed several users to earn profits. You can find great information on Bitmex trading at

How to start

In order to start, you first need to create an account on Bitmex. Creating an account on Bitmex is quite easy. You can create an anonymous account on Bitmex and use a pseudo name if it so pleases you. Bitmex allows you anonymity in that your identity does not need verification.

Registration process

The registration is a typical form where you fill out a username, password, and an email address. You will then receive a confirmation email at your given email address. Once this is done, your registration is complete.

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Starting trade

Starting trade is simple. Once registered, you need to sign in. Your homepage will then be displayed showing details of your address, your orders etc. In order to start, you have to deposit some money. The minimum depositable amount is 1$ in BTC. Since Bitmex accepts money only in BTC, other currencies will not work. Instructions for deposit and withdrawal are available on the website.


After depositing money in your BItmex account, you can start investing in any futures contract available. Leveraging on your contract is also possible.

Bitmex is an easy interface for trading. It has also been proven to be highly secure and hence a lot of traders are turning to Bitmex for trade.

While it is easy to set up an account on Bitmex, this platform is not for beginners as the trading and investment require prudence. In case, investment is made on assets that are projected to lose value, users may lose their money.

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