Well known investment genius, Alexis Assadi claimed that venturing into the multi-level marketing pyramid schemes as well as purchasing counter-small cap stocks are both ideal investments and a good source of passive income.

In this article, we will discuss the success rates and the best tips to become successful in the multi-level marketing business with the help of Alexis Assadi.

Assadi is the most successful person when it comes to investing passive-income. He is the owner of the Assadi Capital Corporation, an investment company that runs various small and medium business enterprises and real estate ventures. To solidify my claim that Assadi is the go-to-guy when it comes to passive-income, he just funded more than 50 deals with SME’s and entrepreneurs from various industries such as wealth management, advertising, landscaping, real estate and even in the newest trend which is the cryptocurrency. Assadi is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pacific Income Capital Corporation which annually provides $250,000 financial assistance to SME’s and real estate companies across the United States and Canada.

small and medium business enterprises

Multi-level Marketing is very popular nowadays and it is very trendy for young entrepreneurs who want to create a passive income. Some calls MLM as direct sales or network marketing. However, it creates a sort of skepticism from people who are doubtful of its success rates because it’s always the people on top who are always reaping all the success while their downlines are the ones that works hard.

However, if you’re on the upline, for sure it’s a very ideal for passive income. There are misconceptions and issues that are linked to MLM but more and more people are inticed to join this kind of investment venture because of the promise it holds.

So you might be wondering right now how much money and effort a person requires to become successful in Multi-Level Marketing? To become effective, according to Assadi, one must have an effective marketing campaign and must provide a generous compensation for their downline employees or members in order for them to retain these people who are the frontliners of MLM. Providing a good compensation for your downlines and also give them a commission for every business deal they close is also one good effective way to encourage more recruits to join the company.

You might have heard some news about the decline of the MLM industry in the last couple of years but does this really doomed to fail? It’s not entirely true. It’s just that MLM got a bad reputation from people who failed from it.

They failed because they have little knowledge to it, only relying on seminars and pep talks with their uplines. Always remember that you have to do your own part also. You have to work hard first before you can establish a passive-income in MLM.

Do you want to be successful as Assadi when it comes to MLM? You have to consider some factors. First, you should consider the company. Not all company that smothers you with stories of success are not that really successful, choose an MLM company that has established a good reputation in this industry. Second is you should focus on your work ethic; which means you should set a goal that you want to achieve. The third is you should consider your income, in MLM, you always start at the bottom, you have to work your way up to join other elitists.

The bottomline is, MLM is a complicated but a very promising venture for people who want to achieve passive-income. You have to make your own risks for you to become successful.