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Aside from being known to re-launching Disney’s Laugh-O-Gram studio in 2014, renowned independent filmmaker and producer Logan Sekulow have also made a name for himself for making two distinct films in 2017.

The 32-year old Stone Mountain, Georgia native who was known for his hosting, writing, and career in Nickelodeon in both Florida and New York added feather to his already decorated cap in the movie and film industry when he directed two critically acclaimed films entitled “As Dreamers Do” and the documentary “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke” which earned praises and became entries of several film festivals around the United States.

Both of these films were developed under Logan Sekulow’s Laugh-O-Gram Studios in the past couple of years. Sekulow re-launched Laugh-O-Gram Studios which was founded by Walt Disney himself in 1921 who was then a struggling animator and artist during his early years in the film industry.

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Disney just like Sekulow wanted to make Laugh-O-Gram Studios a nurturing ground for young and hungry talented animators but with the available technological equipment used in animation and filmmaking, Sekulow aims to further enhance what Disney envisioned many years ago when he was still alive. Sekulow, who was then known for being one of the best names in family entertainment which links him to both Disney and Nickelodeon led him in making two films which are the “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke,” and the “As Dreamers Do”, which all its ultimate goal aimed to give inspiration to young and struggling filmmakers who dreams to follow the footsteps of Dyke and Disney themselves.


This documentary short film follows the life of Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke who is known for his iconic films like Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dick Tracy and Night at the Museum. The film follows Dyke’s homecoming to his hometown in Danville, Illinois which also served a biopic for the actor who visited some nostalgic places which reminded him his younger years like visiting his condemned childhood house for the first time in 60 years.

 Also included in the documentary was his connection with Walt Disney and his life struggles that paved his way to becoming one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. The 91 years old Dyke was interviewed personally in the documentary. The documentary became the “Best Documentary by the Mid Tenn Film Fest”, Official selection for the American Documentary Festival, also an entry of the Illinois International Film Festival, Comic-con International Independent Film, 2017 Finalist Best Documentary Central Florida Film Festival, and the Official selection Orlando Film Festival.

Sekulow himself directed the documentary while Dillon Spears produced it and composed the music used in the documentary while Samuel McDonough handled its cinematography.


When it comes to Sekulow’s most iconic film to date, it’s the biopic of the legendary Walt Disney. Sekulow directed and filmed biopic which was released in 2014 that was mainly shot in Franklin, Tennessee. Sekulow hired veteran scriptwriter Wendy Ott while Olan Rogers played as Disney. William Haynes and Aaron Hodges served as the film’s producer and production manager respectively.