Things You Need To Know About IPTV

Know About IPTV

You might be new to the digital world or just heard about Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). This may not be prominent at your place but it has been running for more than 10 years now. Nevertheless, you need to get an IPTV premium subscription right now if you are into shows.

Prior to subscription, you need to know the basics about IPTV first.

How Does IPTV Work?

Basically, IPTV works like practical televisions at your home, but instead of using antennas, you are using internet. There are 3 main steps that IPTV platforms follow.

  1. The programs are stored. Unless the show is live, movies and shows are stored and saved in an external drive to be streamed later on. This allows a flexible schedule of shows for the subscriber to choose.
  2. The programs are converted to digital formats. The stored or recorded programs are not yet compatible for viewing online, which should be converted for Internet use. The conversion poses a challenge to the platforms as they need to be able to run the programs smoothly without decreasing audio and video quality.
  3. The programs are streamed. After the programs are stored and converted, they are ready to be viewed by millions of subscribers worldwide. Each platform has their own way of keeping a smooth runtime, together with an increasing number of subscribers.

The 3 steps are just the basic concept of how different IPTV platforms are able to let you stream TV programs using the internet. There are other specific terms and tools they use to ensure smooth streaming for your convenience.

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How Are Programs Viewed?

Generally, all programs can be viewed by any device you have. It can your flat screen TV, high-end laptop, or smartphone. The compatibility of streaming depends on your subscription.

Since IPTV subscription boxes have different offers and pricing, you should know what devices are compatible with the shows. This information should be indicated along with their subscription choices. For TV sets, you can either use set-top box or dongle to view your desired programs.

Different Types of IPTV Format

In every streaming websites, there are three main types of services.

  1. Video On Demand (VOD)

These are shows or movies that are stored and you get to watch it anytime you like. A popular example of VOD streaming is Netflix. You get to choose the movie you want to watch.

  1. Time-Shifted Media

This type of streaming is similar to VOD. The main difference between the two is the storage time. Unlike VOD that stores show almost for a lifetime, time-shifted media are only available for a specific period of time.

  1. Live Broadcast

This is the most common type of streaming. The live broadcast is streaming the show real-time and you get no repeats or pauses. This is basically what sports events and news are using.

The internet is crawling with various resources and it is up to you to utilize each of them in the best way possible. Knowing what you need and what you like, subscribing for IPTV is the right thing to do. After all, you do not want to miss exclusive limited offers that only a few sites offer.