Awards And Citations- Jay Sekulow

Awards And Citations

Jay Sekulow is quite popular public figure and is known for his work in legal, religious and political interests. Due his work of three decades in the field of legal issues and media interaction he has a multi fold of people who are quite appreciative of his views and opinions. The number of books and literary publications regarding his opinions on world view and America in particular which are his focal points of discussions, has made him a regular commentator on large media networks who call on him to seek his views. With numerous degrees and honours to his, he has become a formidable force to reckon with in the judicial system in the present day government.

powerful influencer

He has commanded a lot of high profile positions and included inclusion in the presidential close circle of decision makers. His ideas of dealing with Islamic radicals, other threats to the world and how they may one day hold the world hostage is illustrated in his books through various instances from the past and the ongoing situations where ISIS and Hamas groups are terrorising people. He has been applauded for take on many issues that don’t hold up the freedom rights and practice of faith.

Sekulow – The powerful influencer

Jay Sekulow has been included in the power list by the national law journal. There has recognition for his work as an attorney to fight his cases right to Supreme Court to get justice for what he through was right for the people of America. He has been an influential person and as a lawyer he has feted with lots of honours and citations to his credit for working for pro life groups, religious and conservative groups in America. He has fought for justice and never stopped till he got and achieving many feats alongside with the amount of experience in his field and also writing about in books and publications. The people could get to hear his views and approach to the world he wanted exemplify the repercussions of certain made by a few people on top that could change the face of the globe if not rectified and known.