Fighting for Freedom -Why Religious Liberty Is Priceless

freedom of religious liberty

Whether we admit or not, we are very sensitive insofar as our rights are concerned. Sometimes we even have this belief that the government owes us everything that’s good and nice. From providing us the best shelter possible to providing us with a safe work environment – these are just some of the rights that we want to enjoy. However, how many of us have ever thought about the basic and fundamental rights? The rights that we inherently should have by virtue of humanity. Have we forgotten about our Creator then? With the onset of technology, we may have set aside our religious liberty and our responsibility to protect it.

freedom of religion

In the year 1948, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which set the worldwide standards in protecting the fundamental human rights from cruelty and damage. It was a more than just an adoption, it was something that was ideally viewed by the international community as a means to fight off tyranny and poverty. Since its adoption, countries around the world are obliged to protect human rights or they could be liable. One of the most fundamental human rights that needs to be protection is the freedom of religion, which Jay Sekulow has always upheld.

Jay Sekulow believes that religious liberty is so precious that without it, no one can exist, not any person nor any political party for that matter. It should be at the top of the list as it upholds our dignity as human beings. We will only feel secure if our religious belief cannot be destroyed by another. Fighting for our freedom of religious liberty will do us immense good as with this right, we can keep our peace and commitment. No achievement should be praised unless it pertains to our religious liberty first.

Dignity, peace and freedom of religious liberty are just three of our natural human rights that need to be protected no matter what. These rights need our safeguarding and nurturing instincts and must be protected not only by good will but also by rule law as what Jay Sekulow has been doing. Fighting for this freedom will not be easy as there are still many who question not only the faith of others but also their own. However, though the struggle is real, we must put to heart that the struggle itself will define our purpose and hope in mankind.

Religious freedom has always been an issue especially today that many undertakings are being done to take away our faith. With the flourishing of economies and political wills, faith is being threatened. Our beliefs are being marginalized and until we acknowledge that we have to continuously fight for religious liberty just like Jay Sekulow, we will be tied down. Let us help not only ourselves but also those whose faith are stronger than their fears.