The drawbacks of not having a probate attorney

drawbacks of not having a probate attorney

Probate lawyers may not be the first thing on your mind when a loved one is terminally ill or passes away. However, they become very important when an estate comes to probate. Probate matters are typically complicated unless there is a will.

Even if there is a will, often heirs end up raising issues and disputes regarding it. If this is the time you look for a law firm website, it will probably be too late because others will already have had theirs after much contemplation and research. You will only have to go for the first one you can reach out to and there is no guarantee they will be the best.

personal probate attorney

So, it is always safe to have a personal probate attorney who can not only advice you on other legal matters but can also handle your situation with care and knowledge.

You must know though that handline a probate does not necessarily require a probate lawyer. However, without the know-how of the law and processes, you will be at a great disadvantage.
Some of the disadvantages of not having a probate lawyer are as follows-

1- Tax Complications-

many Complications regarding the estate under probation can arise. For example, tax complications like tax due on the estate or other related complications. If you are by yourself, you won’t understand what to do about it. An attorney can provide proper advice.

2- Will Ambiguity-

if there is ambiguity in the will, those who have attorney’s will take full advantage of it. If you don’t have an attorney, you will be at a major loss in the situation.

3- Family claims and disputes-

Disputes within the family for getting greater or major share in an estate are not uncommon. You may think that this will not happen to you, but it can. Without an attorney, you can lose what is yours.

4- Lack of assets against debts-

If the assets of the deceased are less compared to their debts, you might have to give away money from your own pocket to settle those. If you have a probate attorney, he can provide you with the best advice regarding this situation and similar others.

So its always best to hire a probate attorney beforehand. Hire a good lawyer either through a law firm website or in person.