What Are Considered To Be Crimes Against Children?

Crimes Against Children

The federal and state laws of any country are very strict against those who commit crimes against children. The punishment in such criminal cases can be severe to set an example for others to be afraid of. Crimes against children can be from parents, relatives, and even caretakers or anyone for that matter. Even when a child provides the consent, the person doing the crime knowingly or unknowingly can be punished. There are specialized criminal lawyers Sydney available to defend the defendants.

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Child Abuse –

Any activity done on the children that shows cruelty and unkindness is liable to be called as a crime as the children cannot defend themselves. It can be maltreatment, physical abuse, psychological abuse and even sexual abuse. These are the four broad types defined by World Health Organization and these rules are prevalent in almost all countries.

Child Abandonment –

When a person who is in charge of child abandons him or her without caring about the child’s health or safety, it can be termed as child abandonment. It may not be that the person leaves the child on the road. It is also applicable when a person does not provide necessary care to the child living under the same roof. In today’s world where both the parents go to work, the emotional abandonment is rising up high and it is also a criminal offence. You need specialized criminal lawyers Sydney to fight your case and make the judge understand your point of view to get free of the charges or reduce the punishment.

Sexual Exploitation –

If a child gets involved in the production of adult material as a minor, the person involved and his or her guardians are liable to criminal charges. As a matter of fact, possession, distribution and sale of adult materials also fall under a crime.

Furthermore, any sexual activity committed against a child who is a minor, it is considered to be a crime. It does not matter whether the child gave his or her consent in the matter of not. It will be considered to be a statutory rape and the person can face a lifetime imprisonment and death in case the crime was committed against the consent.