Team Luna Photo post Production services

Photo post Production services

Luna Photo Retouch wanted to give excellent services that are hard to find. The only professional photographers that would surely meet your photo retouching. As photographers, this team understands fully the meaning of preserving the true artistic style of a picture. We are a small team whose expertise is photo edition and photo post-production. We offer extraordinary services in order to build a relationship with the editor you choose. The team gives the assurance that the client receives the assistance from the same editor every time. Team Luna is so intense on the preservation of your artistic approach and style.

custom color correction service

The team offered extraordinary services just like:

  • Color correction the team gives you the custom color correction service that is based on your own personal style. Since everyone is unique we understand the importance of preserving one’s uniqueness. The post-processing services include a personalized adjustment on the basic panel inside the Lightroom. To mention some, temperature, shadows, highlight, contrast, exposure, white and black, clarity vibrance and saturation.
  • Artistic editing and retouching- it adds the final touch and absolutely gives a smooth and finished look, Since the team consists of highly skilled editors, all kinds of retouching could always be possible. The price of the photo depends upon on how much work you need to be done. Just tell them what you need to retouch and they will give you a very compensating price.
  • Selection and culling: this is one of our most popular services. The cost of this service is strictly base on the number of photos submitted. The editing staff looks at each photo up to three times. They do this to ensure that we know the best story, content and the flow of the event.

Best Choice, Best Result

We consider closed eyed, out of focus photos, recover photos, duplicate pictures, expressions that are weird, incorrect exposure, poorly compositions, unsteady camera, behind the scene and many more. You can trust the whole team to make the best choices when it comes to your concerns about selecting the perfect photos that based on your submission. We correct each individualized photos and guide them against your chosen color profile.

 In this case, this allows us to deliver enormous images occur throughout your photograph event.

Why choose Team Luna for photo post-production?

The team has their own private place to work so they could carefully supervise and offer high and quality services to their client. They value confidentiality in every client’s privacy may it be VIPs or celebrities.