More investments in Woodleigh Lane’s court

Woodleigh Lane’s court

Woodleigh is turning out to be one of the most attractive residential area with first half of the year being occupied by daily sales. Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane is a planning area in Central Singapore. Mass Rapid Transit has a station in Woodleigh, making transiting in the city easier. People try to find places near the metro station for easier commotion and rate of plots has been increasing ever since.  New projects are being introduced in Park Colonial Woodleigh lane which is attracting crowd from all walk of life. People who have families generally join the area. The plots/ apartments majorly range from $480 to $540. Nearly 2000 homes have been cemented onto the ground of Park colonial Woodleigh lane with more projects in anticipation.

Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane

Top Investment by Bidders

An overall of $700.7 million has been estimated from the first half of the year 2017. Shopping mall and other facilities are available at nearby locations. The place is ideal residential area for families. With more investors flooding the market, the rates for the property is expected to go higher. The bidding war has begun. The place is potentially recovering. With the highest bid being placed by CEL Unique development i.e. $700.7 million for 1109.09 gross floor area. They are followed by Corson and Wingjoy Investment $695 million for 1101.06 gross floor area.

A 99-year leasehold is available for bidding which contain 735 housing units. It has been titled as the second largest project after the Bidadari precinct. Finding condos in park colonial Woodleigh lane will prove to be fruitful in the future. It is still very much in demand but the demand for the area will increase with time. Chinatown is just 13 minutes away from the Woodleigh station making it even more easier to travel. Since it is located in the central region of Singapore, you can reach most of the places in time. Downtown is also just 4 stations away from the Woodleigh Station. Fine Dining, entertainment and shopping needs of the residents is fulfilled very easily as all the stores are nearby.