3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trying Facial Cleansers

Facial Cleansers

The integumentary system (the skin) is one of the biggest systems in the human body, it covers everything, giving you your superficial appearance. It’s also your protection against microorganisms that wants to invade your body’s sterile environment. It’s where dust and microorganisms are, it’s what helps you cool by sweating, it has the sensors to help you feel, it also has a protection called sebum (your natural oil) that traps dirt and also keeps you hydrated to prevent your skin in becoming dry.

While it has a good purpose, too much sebum or keeping it for a long time is not going to cover it. You see sebum that is not removed can cause infections and will also make your skin hot and just like cooking oil, washing your face with just water won’t cut it. This is where cleansers come into the picture. These are basically chemicals that help you remove the majority of the oils that are in your face.

integumentary system

Why you should try cleansers: Cleansers are very important to facial hygiene just as the soap to your body. Unlike soap, cleansers are specifically designed on your face skin. It’s milder on the face and it removes dirt microorganisms and facial oils that make you feel like a vampire in twilight when exposed to light. It’s more effective in managing facial oils that make you clean looking every time. So ditch the soap, there are a ton of facial cleansers on the market today that will suit your needs and its a waste of technology not to try these things out.

Its great with hydration: A dry skin is a bad skin, it’s easily scratched, it gets itchy and it’s painful. Hydration is one of the keys in having a healthy skin while having sebum helps with hydration, it also is not the way to go since keeping that every time helps store dust and microorganisms that cause an infection like pimples, whiteheads and so on. Proper hydration means removing dirt and microorganisms with a cleanser and partner it with a moisturizer.

Cleansers are better in your bag: Name a soap that you can put in the bag after use? Nothing right? Why? Because its a sign that you should not use it in your face. This is why it makes sense bringing facial cleansers. But seriously, you need to have one in your bag just in case your face gets too oily and you need to freshen up to look good.

Cleansers are these specially formulated chemicals that are ideally used for your facial skin. Its less harsh (milder) than body soaps are and is very effective in removing dirt and oils that accumulate in your face as you go on your daily activity during the day. There are various cleansers available that works well with people that have dry or oily skin. If you got an oily skin and you want to know what type of cleansers for oily skin will work best for your face to keep you fresh and looking good all the time, visit SKINFAQ for more details.