A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Mic

Drums Overhead Microphones

Application and budget are two of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for an overhead microphone for your drums. As a beginner, shopping for the right mic can be frustrating, especially when you are not sure of what you are looking for. This is why knowing the factors to consider are essential for you to pick the right choice.

skilled miking technology

Many brands promise that their products are the best choice when it comes to overhead microphones. But according to a review from the website Cajonguide.com, there’s a few that you can consider. Overhead microphones have plenty of uses and drums are the most difficult to match with a mic. If you want to create a good sound, then this article is definitely for you.

Important Factors To Consider For Drums Overhead Microphones

Trust your ears. These are your tools when looking into creating a perfect sound with your drums and your mic. When choosing an overhead mic for drums, this guide can be a great help. So here are the factors to consider to create a better sound.

  • The Polar Pattern. For a drum kit, the polar patterns which are the cardioid and the supercardioid are the best in isolating the sound and in controlling the feedback.
  • Frequency Response. Microphones that have shaped frequency response are perfect for kick drums, snare, and floor toms. These are best in capturing low frequencies from the kick drums and the high-low frequency with the snare and the floor toms.
  • Cartridge Type. Dynamic mics are the drummers’ choice for kicks and snares. This can handle high sound levels.

The Shure KSM141 – The Best Choice For Overhead Mics

If you are looking for a 5-star overhead microphone for your drums, Shure KSM141 is the first choice of most drummers and sound engineers. This mic has a skilled miking technology which also comes with 2 selections of polar patterns. The quality and the benefits of expensive condenser mics at a much reasonable price.

KSM141 has the ability to reduce self-noise, and it has an adjustable filter that can give you 3 settings to fit the frequency capture of the equipment that you are using. It produces a natural, transparent sound, perfect for indoor or outdoor recordings. This is one of the most reviewed overhead microphones from Shure, and it definitely overpowered other brands and models when it comes to efficacy, quality and usability.