A custom made mega yacht is a buyer’s dream

custom made mega yacht

The semi-custom mega yacht

There is a growing market for luxury mega yachts today.The ones in the small and medium sizes, both custom-built and semi-custom built are in demand.Hundreds of these medium size mega yachts are being constructed every year. Amels in the Netherlands first built these luxury mega yachts that were semi-custom. These were called Limited Editions. They are built with engineering features that are similar for all the yachts built, which greatly shortens building time. But the interior design is completely in the hands of the buyer and the potential buyer. Custom made mega yachts for sale have also become popular thanks to the Limited Edition.

luxury mega yachts


A number of shipbuilders are building custom made and semi-custom made mega yachts. These mega yachts for sale are being sold all around the world especially in the United States and Europe. The Australian and Asian markets are also catching up

Benetti Yachts started in 1960 has a varied portfolio. They have four semi-custom ranges from models 28.9 LOA up to 73.1 meters LOA.

Azimut in Turin has five mega-yacht collections; The Flybridge Collection is the most popular.

Feadship Royal Shipbuilders in the Netherlands is one of the foremost builders of mega custom yachts in the world.

Ferretti, the Italian shipbuilder, is reputed for its smaller mega yachts. They specialize in semi-custom composite yachts from 13.7 to 29 meters LOA.

Sunseeker is a British luxury shipbuilding establishment. For mega yachts over 30.1 meters the shipbuilders offer fully customized builds. Customers can thereby build their yachts from scratch in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Trinity was established in 1988 in New Orleans. It stands apart from other shipbuilding companies in the United States, because it allows custom building in any size the buyer wants.

The yacht brokers

The best way to buy a luxury yacht is to go through a broker. Yacht brokers are in touch with the ship builders and with people who want to sell their mega yachts second-hand. They can deal with all the details involved in the sale process and can get you exactly what you want. 4Yacht is one of the top luxury yacht brokers in the United States. They are based in Florida and have hundreds of yachts to recommend for sale.