Keep your baby soft and warm

Babies’ skin is one of the finest and softest textured materials. No wonder, you cannot use any rough cloth or regularly usage cloth on them. They will turn instantly red and even worse, develop rashes. Thus, doctors’ advice parents to make use of the best quality of muslin cloth of these pretty little angels of your life. The products of Aden + Anais are made of these high quality cloths. The muslin is very light weight and has the fine texture with the soft cotton fabric. The quality of the product is very durable and the woven fabric material is made breathable. The texture of the cloth makes it ideal for usage as the swaddle towels and wrapping materials, after bath cleaning material. This product is certified as the safest material for the usage of baby.

safest material for the usage of baby

How did it start?

The brand Aden + Anais was first invented by the Australian RaeganMoya-Jones. In 1997, these Australian couple shifted to New York, and soon became pregnant with their first baby. Soon, they started using their old tradition of wrapping babies in pure muslin cloth. Since, younger days, she has been observing this tradition for protecting babies in the warm and soft cloth and desired to do the same for her child too. However, due to the lack of muslin cloth in the New York, she could not use the muslin cloth for swaddle. The swaddle clothes at that time, were made of heavy cotton flannel fleece materials. These were warm, but not soft enough for babies to feel comfortable in them. Thus, with this idea, the brand of Aden and Anais was born. In 2006, the first muslin cloth was used in swaddle in the United States of America.

Why to choose this brand?

The brand of Aden and Anais is now available in more than 65 countries. In fact, they are health certified and considered to be as the lifestyle choice brand. Since, this brand is designed keeping in mind, the safety and comfort of the babies, the product is safe, practical and extremely user friendly. In fact, the Aden and Anais brand has gained popularity because of the safety comforts. The product is carefully tested in the laboratories from time to time. Before sold in the market, every stock is securely tested, to make sure that the products are not sensitive to skin. In this manner, the cloth swaddles do not harm the environment too.

The towels of swaddles are made of the muslin cloth. The biggest advantage related to this is that, they are extremely durable and light to use. The cloth fabric are lightly woven. Thus, they become breathable for skin. The breathable property of the cloth ensures that the body temperature of the baby remains controlled in very natural manner. The risk of overheating or fever reduces. Even, during the hot summers too, this cloth will keep the child fresh and active. The muslin cloth which is used is mostly pre washed. Thus, these cloths obtain the softer texture in the first use only. Look for the best range of the muslin clothes for your baby on the online shops and exclusive baby stores.