Tips on Extending Your Projector’s Service Life

In the past, projectors are exclusive to companies and schools for visual presentation. As time goes by and the demand increased, it is now seen in the mainstream market. Now people have projectors inside their homes. Movie enthusiasts procure projectors as an integral part of their home theater system.

Part of owning a projector is being responsible for maintaining it. Maintaining it means replacing the projector lamps when the need arises. Projector lamps yield images from external source. In most cases, the first component to give up is lamps. For many owners, this is quite a task as it can be daunting finding the right product with the right specification not to mention there is a budget to consider. However, this should not keep you from maintaining it.

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The good news is that there is a supplier of projector bulbs. These suppliers can provide assistance in terms of choosing the best replacement. After replacing it, you have to make sure that it will serve you for a long time. To ensure this, you have to practice proper maintenance. You should do the following tips to extend the service life of your projector:

  • After turning the projector off, you have to wait for at least 5 minutes before totally unplugging it. This is done to ensure that the fan will properly cool off the projector unit.
  • Check where you put the projector. The projector should be in a place where the air is not obstructed. If there are things around the projector, remove it as it can affect the air intake as well as the exhaust vent.
  • Do not put the unit beside a wall because it can affect the air intake. Make sure that the projector is at least two feet away from the wall or any object obstructing it. If you want to be sure, mounting the unit should be based on the specifications of the manufacturer. Do not throw the manual as you can find important details about your projector there.
  • You have to be familiar with the components of your projector. You already know the lamp. Now it is time to know the filter. It is important to clean the air filter of the projector at least every 3 to 6 months as it can affect its operation.
  • When you decide to buy a new one, make sure to test it. After purchasing use it for at least twenty hours. If the lamp should fail, it will likely to happen after ten hours of use or operation. This is the reason why lamp warranties are not more than 180 days from the date of purchase.
  • If you buy a new projector, make sure to turn it on for at least 20 hours to see if lamp works well then you can remove it as spare.

Remember that the lamp life depends on your application, installation, the exhaust of hot air and proper maintenance. How often do you need to replace your lamps? Typically you need to replace every 2,000 to 6,000 hours of operation. Compatibility should be on your mind when you are buying a replacement. Knowing what is compatible is not very hard as you can refer to the user’s manual.