Change in the era and the greed to be popular

Facebook comments

Everything is prone is change. From having no cell phone to communicate to using wi- fi to connect to people and have even video conversations, thing have changed a lot. It is always for the good when such kind of changes happen. Of all the changes, the advent of Social Media has changed the times a lot. With the help of social media, people were able to connect with even long lost friends. This definitely has to be regarded as one of the greatest findings of man.

Facebook comments

On Social Media platforms like Facebook, popularity is measured in terms of the number of people who follow you, number of likes that you get for a picture that you post and also the number of comments that you receive for your picture. More the number of comments, the more popular you are. But, as the days passed by, the greed in the man to be more popular day by day has been increasing tremendously and drastically. It is not bad to wish to be popular. But, popularity comes from the love for you and the affection that the people give for you. It is not something which can be bought but popularity has to be earned.

But, even this notion has been changed in the recent years. Now, we have come to a stage where the actual facts can also be rewritten. The market has made it possible to buy the popularity on social media and you do not even have to struggle so much to get where you want to be. This has been made possible through the concept of ” Pay for Facebook comments”. The concept to pay for the Facebook comments might sound pretty hilarious to most of the people. But, it did work for all those who bought the Facebook comments and hence it is assumed with the greatest set of calculations that it will work for the rest of the flock as well.

Everything has got a start to it. You will not know about anything until you try doing it.