Engaging Fans on Facebook: Have The ‘Likes’ Got You Down?

Engaging Fans on Facebook

Face book has more than a billion users worldwide, which makes it a flood of opportunity for growing companies to position themselves and to take full advantage of it. Though substantial percentage of business is now on fan page, being just on Face book is not enough. For a fan page to be an effective tool for marketing, time and strategy must be there to harvest this opportunity. buy USA Facebook page likes to get started.

USA Facebook page

  • Stay Cool: Face book is like your high school and you are contesting an election. People who like you or your party will “Like” your fan page, but you will have to continuously do something to get them engaged.
  • Text vs. Pictures: It is a proven fact that pictures on Face book get more attention than text. Fan responds more quickly on face book than any other type of media.
  • Email your contact to like your page: Invite friends and business contact to like your page. You can upload an email list and invite everyone to ‘like’ the page.
  • Make association with your fan interesting: Everybody wants to be cleaver on Face book. Entertain your followers with unique and creative posts. People who know you or your business are more likely to “like” your fan page than to which you have had no any previous contact. This opportunity is available to face book with only up to 4999 likes or less. So make it and take the advantage.
  • Don’t be a salesman: Face book is for building relationship with people, not for forcing your products on them. If people will like you, your business will grow. Make interaction and good relation with them your goal, not promotion of your product.
  • Play contest: Everybody likes challenge. If you through a challenge they will respond. If you ask a difficult but entertaining question people will respond. The question can be like which story do you enjoy which of our product or services you enjoy most, what will be your next purchase etc. You can organize a contest where you can actually gift the winner. The gift can be anything like a gift hamper, or discount on your products etc. These activities will make them engaged and attract more fans.

Apart from using all these techniques to build your face book audience, you can also opt to buy USA Facebook page likes. The more fans you have on your page, the better it is for your business. Isn’t it?