No doubt, a lot of people are using Local Area Network (LAN) Messenger nowadays compared to the previous years because of its ability to facilitate intercommunication between people and groups and its additional feature of transferring files that is centrally operated by a single server without being dependent to the internet.

using Local Area Network

There is more than a dozen LAN messenger software available for the three main operating systems namely Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. For this year, we have listed down the top ten LAN messengers that you can choose and try.

  1. Softros LAN Messenger- It is the pioneering LAN instant messaging software available in the virtual world which was first installed in Windows. It was designed to be user-friendly and easy to use messaging program which is primarily used by offices and other establishments that needs because of its main features like file transfer and offline messaging as well as real-time notifications.
  2. Win Popup- It mainly runs for Windows, Win Popup uses Server Message Block (SMB) Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) system that pops up of the user’s computer screen for notification purposes; it is also known to be safe and secured.
  3. Outlook LAN Messenger- Just like Softros, it is designed for office uses local area network. It functions even if you are offline through its intranet connection which works if there is no internet connection and is completely private and secured within the LAN.
  4. Akeni LAN Messenger- It is an instant messaging program which is mainly designed to function in LAN which does not require a dedicated server and an internet connection. It is best known for its peer-to-peer dual communication.
  5. BigAnt Messenger- Just like Akeni, BigAnt is also an instant messaging program that is used widely in enterprises because of its ability to hold web conferences and video chat and its very popular quick send feature.
  6. BORGChat- This is for those who do not want to use online instant messaging services and only want to use LAN or WLAN messaging instead. It is mainly used for offline messaging which has similar features like the mentioned messaging programs above.
  7. LanTalk Net-It has no server and has no configuration compared to the ones mentioned above. It is considered as the best alternative for Win Popup messaging which has also fun and unique features.
  8. Pichat- It is a P2P chatting program that is widely used in many European countries which can function with multiple languages that can be installed as additional plugins.
  9. Bopup messenger- It is designed to connect enterprise size and LAN networks to provide better communication solutions to businesses.
  10. Net-C messenger- It is very similar to BORGchat where it does not need any server. It also has several key features like private messaging, group conversations and graphical emoticons.