An overview of Internet Protocol

An overview of Internet Protocol

Even though IP sounds to be short there are numerous numbers of things which is to be known about it. IP is nothing but the short form of internet protocol. It is to be remembered that they are not just numbers but they tend handle a huge responsibility beyond one’s imagination. Every computer network will have an internet protocol in order to execute the communication. The version of IP address which is used in current scenario is completely different from the one which was used in the initial days. In the early days, 32 bit number was used as an IP address. Later because of the growth of technology various updated versions have came into trend. The other important aspect to be noted is the IP address will be written in human readable notations.

common type of IP address


The IP is supposed to execute to important functions. The first and foremost thing is they tend to identify the network interface. And the next important thing is in the network they provide the location of the host. The IP packet of each and every header will have the details about the host. The details of both the sending host and the destination host will be found here. A gateway ip address is always needed in order to forward an IP packet from one network to another.


The IP address can be classified into many operational characteristics. This includes broadcast addressing, anycast addressing, unicast addressing and multicast addressing. Among these, the unicast addressing is the most common type of IP address. The one which is associated with interested receivers in group is multicast addressing. The addressing technique which is available in IPV4 is broadcast addressing. Apart from this, all the other types fall under one – to – many routing.

How to see IP?

Even though the technology is rapidly increasing many people are still unaware of seeing their IP address. It is to be noted that the external ip address can be easily found by using the search engine. And the local IP address can be pointed out through the command prompt.