Anything You Need To Know About Your Public IP Address

Public IP Address

Knowing about your Public IP Address is very important. Remember that this is your ticket for the information that you want to seek using the internet through your computer, laptop, or other mobile gadgets. Learning about Public IP Address is not a requirement, but it would help you understand how everything works when it comes to sending and receiving information through your computer network.

The Public IP Address

The Public IP Address is the unique identification IP address that your router or modem have. This is usually assigned by your Internet Service Provider. The Public IP Address is used to handle all of the communications to from your network to the outside world. When you visit any site they will be able to see your IP address since this is the most important thing needed to communicate.

Public IP Address

The Importance Of Knowing My Public IP Address

You might have heard a friend asking, “What is my public IP?” Not everyone needs to know their Public IP Address for common network activities like surfing the internet or streaming music or videos. But if you want to use an application like the Windows Remote Desktop where you can control your computer remotely, this is the time that you need to know your  Public IP Address. There are also other online gaming applications that would need your Public IP Address for you to be able to connect with other players all around the world.

Hiding My Public IP Address

It is possible to hide your Public IP Address. One of the most effective ways is by using a proxy or a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. VPNs are highly recommended compared to proxies to make sure that you will be given a guarantee that your data and your personal information will not be accessible to any third parties.

Public IP Address – Why Should It Be Hidden?

Privacy and security reasons are the most important factors to consider whether you want to hide your public IP address or not. If you are concerned about your privacy, then you should hide your Public IP Address especially when you are on the web. When this information is out in the open for everyone to access, they will be able to trace your location. One way to hide your Public IP Address is to use a proxy or a VPN.

Changing My Public IP Address

If you are not comfortable with using the default Public IP Address, you can also change that using your router’s configuration interface. Changing it from a default address to any address is common, as long as you stay within the private IP range. If you are not within the range, you will have trouble connecting with your internet.

Always remember that the websites that you visit have the capability to locate where you are from. These are needed for them to be able to know where to send the information that you are requesting. But if you want to avoid this, you can make your Public IP Address private. With the technology innovations, everything is now possible. It is important that you don’t get left behind. Simple information like this can become helpful in the future.