Guide to Aluminum Pipe Fittings

Aluminum Pipe Fittings

Aluminum Pipes and Fittings

Although there are many manufacturers of aluminum pipes with regards to fitting it is suggested to choose the best aluminum fittings provider who provides high-quality threaded and flanged that is very reliable to be known as aluminum pipes and fittings used for various purposes according to the needs of customers. The aluminum pipes are used only in special applications where the limitations are understood. They don’t work for general purposes like shop water and air plumbing layouts. The aluminum pipe fittings are not designed in such a way that if required they cannot be re-tightened or removed as they are very easy and bind quickly. Therefore when these aluminum pipe need to be joined together the threads help them to tighten with one another else will be less effective when used PTFF seals, tapes or pastes.

bathroom fittings

Guide to Aluminum Pipe Fittings

They are different types of pipes for various needs. Some are used as bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings, terrace water tank fittings, drainage pipe fittings each with different sizes and diameter. They should be capable to hold the water pressure inside the pipes when supplied continuous water into them.

  • The aluminum fittings are considered to be permanent but at sometimes the leak paths would be difficult to be eliminated.
  • They are best used at ambient temperatures for vacuum or maximum 150 psi which makes them durable, light-weight and corrosion free.
  • They can be welded and tested for other applications with few pressure ratings.
  • One drawback of aluminum is that they should not be combined with any other metals like stainless steel or copper as when in contact with water, salt water or another element they make it degradable metal and leads to galvanic corrosion and electrolysis process which is not known to all.
  • The aluminum fittings are commonly available as N205WD, N210WD, N225WD etc.
  • When fitting a plug or cap to the aluminum pipe it is better to use stainless steel caps or plugs when as they are easy to remove.
  • Usually, the aluminum pipe fittings are made of A356.2 alloy whereas the Couplings, Nipples, Sch 40 Butt Weld fittings are made of 6061-T6 alloy and the threaded as ASME B1.20.1.


When purchasing an aluminum pipe for fitting one can choose from the multiple products available in the market which are best if threaded as they prevent leaking and fix accordingly. Keep one thing in mind that they should not be mixed with any other element as the reaction occurs which makes them degradable and leads to corrosion and rust formation.