It’s 2018, should your company hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency

      It is the digital age, almost everyone has a presence digitally on the internet. Almost ALL companies do some business online these days. A staggering more than half of the buying population wants to do their shopping online. These are just the online shoppers. Businesses are also more and more being based online. Virtual offices are springing up across the World Wide Web. Keyword – digital. As this new and exciting “marketplace” develops, it is creating a need for specialists who will cater to the marketing and design needs of these entities. If you are a company looking for this kind of service, check out reputable companies like dbox digital. Or have a look at some tips before engaging the services of one.

Look for the specialty that you need

Ask for information about your specific need, be it social media marketing or SEO optimization – make sure they have experience in that field or whatever it is that your company deal in. Look at their track record in that field.

SEO optimization

Look at Reviews

This activity would involve you looking at but not exclusively at google ratings, social media, and forums. This would give you an idea of their reach and how they are responding to criticism on forums or social media. Even the way their Instagram or Facebook page is set up can be telling of how they do business. This would also involve looking at their existing clients, talk to them. Email or better yet, call them. find out how they are being handled by the agency. Are they reachable at all? Are they creating results for them? these are some questions you might ask. The more specific the question, the more useful the answers will be for you.

Look at their OWN Marketing

How does the agency present themselves to their clients? This is very important because if they are not doing any marketing for themselves at all it could mean that they have their hands full and may not be able to take care of your needs. Every business has to have marketing on some level.

Value for Money

The range is wide. Like from a hundred to those who will charge Hundreds of thousands of your money for services they render. It is very important not to go for the cheapest and it also doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive is the best. Go for what is right for you.

The decision whether or not to go with a Digital Marketing Agency can make or break your business. Looking at those things mentioned above will limit the risks that you are taking.