What Is The Basic Use Of Desiccant Air Dryer and Its Importance

Desiccant Air Dryer and Its Importance

Basically, the compressed air dryers are used for all the types of gas plants. It includes oxygen plants, nitrogen plants, hydrogen gas plants, and N2O gas plants. The desiccant air dryers for compressed air mainly used for the removal of contaminated water and some other particles. Industrial air dryers remove contaminants. It basically addresses the contamination problem which will lead to lower the production level. Air dryers come with single or multiple stages for the drying process. In fact, air dryers can be expanded its atmospheric pressure. It can immediately drop down the dew points from 40 degrees to 50-degree Fahrenheit. The dew points will depend on the humidity and temperature of the incoming air in the compressor.

Great features of industrial air dryers

The industrial air dryer has its great feature. It actually makes the whole drying process successfully work out. It ensures proper functioning and effectively works well. Now, you need to know the great features of this excellent air dryers. Here are the following features:

industrial air dryers

  • Maximum pressure
  • Drying capacity
  • Motor power
  • Minimum output of the dew point
  • Operating temperature

The application of the compressed dryers doesn’t fail your expectation. Here are the following applications:

  • Lasers optic
  • Dry boxes
  • Replace nitrogen bottle
  • Thermal test equipment
  • Process controls
  • Purge electrical boxes
  • Chemical packaging
  • Fire and sprinklers system

Now, upon the application of the compressed air, if it is not used adequately, it adversely affected by the contaminants like oil, dirt, and water. Once it happened, it results in an unwanted occurrence. It lowers quality, lower productivity, higher operating costs, and increased maintenance. The desiccant air dryers are one of the cost-effective compressed dryers that helps the dehumidification process had a complete finish.

Compressed air – contamination occurs

Yes, contamination occurs in a compressed air. It actually results in humidity and moisture that leads to valve and pipe damage. So, once this happened, the overall production operation can be affected. Now, if you simply ignore the importance of paying attention to a proper drying process, you would encounter a problem in the future. Breakage will lead to a leakage of the compressor. The culprit of this damaging problem is the water vapor that generates moisture which needs to addressed immediately. Companies that use air compressor should take a deeper learning about air compressor. Instead of using an air compressor to increase the production level, it might be the reason for a decrease in production. The basic use of desiccant air dryer simply protects the air compressor of possible damage and protect production a well.